IoT.nxt // Centurion, South Africa 

What do you get when you put a designer and programmers in a room together, who all happen to be a bunch of geeks?

An office inspired by Star Was of course…

Light and darkness is an obvious force throughout the design and concept of the IoT.nxt offices in Centurion, South Africa. Light versus dark, good versus evil, clean lines and materials versus raw and earthy sources of materials. Clean spaces, versus moody and personal corners.


A contradictory space and concept, yet the space flows, transitioning flawlessly from one element to the other. 

The objective? Representing a start-up company that was gaining exponential traction in the market, giving them the opportunity to put their own unique stamp locally and globally, but still incite a certain level of nostalgia and emotion for what was in the industry and what is still to come. 

OnePointZero // All rights reserved // Suite 104, Comtec House, 26 Gleneagles Road, Greenside // Box 412366, Craighall, 2024 //  Tel: +27 11 486 7766 // Fax: +27 11 486 7777 // Mobile: +27 83 629 3701 // E-mail:

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