Sony Music // Johannesburg, South Africa

We had the pleasure of working with Sony in preparation of the 2010 FIFa World Cup, renovating and redesigning their auditorium for them. 

Due to the success of the initial project, Sony commissioned the redesign of the headquarters in Johannesburg, South Africa. 

The company restructuring played an important role in the design and modularity of their offices. The mandate stated that the offices were to reflect the company structure, culture and policies. 

Transparency, aligned to Sony values and of course - edge. 

We created an open plan space, that still contained private meeting corners - yet no doors. Flow of motion, ideas and creativity. Creating transparency which would transcend throughout the company’s strategy.


Nevertheless maintain a little bit of Rock and Roll because Sony is essentially a music company, and the coolness had to still factor in. this we brought in with rich plums and burgundy, we decided to juxtaposition dark and light wood grains as well as textured carpeting and wall surfaces with fluid lines guiding teams throughout the space.

Bold, and yet simple - the One Point Zero philosophy. 

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